Hey you!

Welcome to my page!

I’m Aleksandra, and I shoot weddings. I live in Istria, which is peninsula in Croatia, but if your wedding is someplace else, don't worry. My bags are easily packed. And I can travel anywhere. If you’re checking my page, I should congratulate you on your enagement. So - congratulations, and thank you for considering me to be your wedding photographer!

First, you should meet me. I'm 31 years old, I'm short and I look like I'm 20, but don't let that cunfuse you - I shoot weddings for over 5 years now! I love hugs and kisses. I love laughter and happy tears. I am a romantic soul, and will probably cry at your wedding, because I just can't help it. Most people consider me funny, so I guess that's also something you should know. I really really love to cook - and eat. I love lazy Sundays, Ray Charles but also Coldplay, reading books, pizza, Oreos, Vivian Mayer, The Shawshank Redemption but also The Bridges of Madison County, F.r.i.e.n.d.s, and my mom's lasagna. A bit of everything I guess.

I hope you got clearer picture of me now, but I would love to meet you too. Fill out out the contact form on the page, and let's connect!

My style of photographing?
My style is spontanious and kind of documentary. I try to shoot from a distance, and catch real moments, and emotions. Grandma's tears, first look with the love of your love, confetti, flowers, dads pretending they are not crying at all, moms that are crying A LOT. Friends that had one too much drink. It's all a part of your day and it should be close to you, captured in a photograph. Everlasting. And thats what I do.